Sunday, December 09, 2007

Kant Get Elected

I thought this parody of political attack ads using German philosophers was hilarious, but it probably appeals to a very specific audience of 1) political wonks with 2) PhDs with some sort of Critical Theory specialization who 3) watch YouTube all day long. In other words, it is pitched precisely to the niche audience for this blog. I even considered adding the tag, "Critical Theory Inside Jokes" in its honor.

Thanks to Ted Striphas' blog Differences and Repetitions for the link. I've added his excellent blog to the blogroll, as I've been meaning to do for over a year. Striphas credits John Lucaites at No Caption Needed as his source.

Speaking of questions of audience, there is an interesting meditation on "Third Tier Bloggers," which is worth reading. It is mostly about discourses on finance and investment blogs, a galaxy in the blogosphere that I rarely visit, but some of its generalizations are interesting for other rhetorical contexts. (The opening image comes from "5 Terrible Senior Pictures," which has a similar visual aesthetic to the much-emailed seventies JC Penney catalog meme.)

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