Friday, June 02, 2006

Mixed Messages

I received a link to a Hillary for President site from my Republican father, who asked if I thought that this example of political ephemera should be read as an insulting attack or as jocular, left-handed praise for her ambition and energy. Although it is clearly oriented to please a right-wing audience, I think that he is right that there is some ambiguity in its depiction of the former First Lady and present New York Senator. The sponsor, Michael Hodge's stated aim -- "ANNOY A LIBERAL: Work. Succeed. Be Happy." -- suggests a conservative bias, but the depiction of a childish or violently aggressive president doesn't seem to be designed to be appealing either.

Like many Hillary links, it depicts her dancing in an extremely sexualized and scantily clad fashion. On other websites, the body of the Junior Senator has been subject to interactive indignities in specific genres much like her doppelganger Bush.

It's useful to be able to exchange in practices of Internet gift exchange with members of opposing parties. Since I may well owe my existence to the Sunset Young Republicans Club where I think my parents met, I don't want to say anything too bad about members of the loyal opposition. (My father was President, and my mother was Secretary, I believe.)

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