Monday, July 31, 2006

Thought Experiments

Yesterday's Boston Globe emphasized how "Low Budget Viral Videos Attract TV Sized Audiences." Some of these viral videos come from the realm of traditional advertising, such as the Tolerate Mornings campaign from Folgers, which humorously presents surreal yellow people being impossibly cheerful to dissolute twenty-somethings trying to prepare for a workday. Without buying airtime, the ad has been seen by millions via YouTube and other means. Also interesting is the Fruit of the Loom viral mock rock video ad "I'm so happy that I'm Blue" and the country version at "You Can't Over-Love Your Underwear." Of course, the Go Daddy Superbowl ads are the classic example of this ploy.

It's ironic, given that so many progressive political groups have developed ads that are never seen on network television, and so have no other choice than viral dissemination. Some are available on the World Wide Web, such as the Bush in 30 Seconds spots from and the ads against consumerism from Adbusters. Unfortunately, we can't see the ad from NARAL that the networks refused to show.


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