Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mash-Up Media

I've been reading Henry Jenkin's book Convergence Culture this week, which describes the "transmedia" character of contemporary life in which old media and new media intersect in ways often driven by the collective intelligence of user communities.

Even the venerable Washington Post has adapted to the times. They are sponsoring a video mash-up contest this month. Advice to possible contestants: choose a public figure who moves his or her head very little while talking (such as George W. Bush or Donald Trump), visit the WaPo official mash-up center, and read the newspaper's own summary of principles at "Art and Marketing All Mashed Up." The mash-up I'd suggest for the mock interview with reporter Dana Milbank: Federal website cartoon mascots.

Another mash-up I'd like to see: Ted Stevens rambling comments about the Internet cut together to make sense as a coherent argument. (You can check out this 404 page, if you aren't yet tired of Ted Stevens jokes.)

For those who missed all the Mel Gibson mash-ups, you can catch up with the Zeitgeist by devoting some time to Signs of Anti-Semitism, a low production value South Park-style mash-up, and other offerings on YouTube. High school Latin teachers might particularly like this one.



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