Monday, October 02, 2006

Eighties Nostalgia

Having just seen the movie American Hardcore, I have to share one of my favorite pieces of trademark-related ephemera. This is a shirt from the era of classic analog copy-machine punk rock graphic art, in which the logos of various bands have been scrambled into what the maker hopes will be a non-infringing product. Hah!

Alas, the movie itself was disappointing as a documentary and said little about any of the more interesting problems about gender, sexuality, race, class, and progressivism that characterized the SoCal scene as I remember it from my vantage point as a pre-teen and teen. Certainly, there was a lot of sexual harassment, homophobia, gay-bashing, political idiocy, and xenophobic hostility apparent to anyone who was ever in a mosh pit back then, a fact which the film-makers chose largely to leave out.



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