Sunday, November 05, 2006

False Advertising

I received these two voter guides in the mail, which purport to be from the Democratic Party. They recommend against voting for Proposition 87 in the relatively small print, alongside a list of official-sounding and otherwise plausible endorsements. Of course, the California Democratic Party has encouraged a "yes" vote on Proposition 87, the alternative energy research initiative to be funded by a tax on oil, not the "no" these mailers advise.

The mailers are very vague about their sponsors; they were mailed by "Democratic Voters Choice" in Burbank and "Voter Information Guide" in Sherman Oaks. However, it is being widely reported in the blogosphere that they could only be the handiwork of the oil interests in the state.

As a rhetorician, it is interesting to see all the appeals to patriotism, pride in history, and human identification with the smiling faces of familiar state and local candidates. Had it not been for a e-mail this morning, I would have assumed that they were legitimate.



Anonymous Andy said...

I'm interested in hearing what kind of crazy mailers have been / will be dropped throughout Orange County over the coming days.

Can true fans of real democracy finally make a stand to protect the vote? Other than LA Rapid Response and the AFL-CIO, are you aware of any other serious efforts to monitor the thousands of understaffed and often language-inadequate polling stations?

2:17 PM  

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