Saturday, December 02, 2006

Before Their Was PowerPoint

As people may remember, I've been looking for examples of PowerPoint in movies. One reader pointed out one scene in The Princess Diaries 2 in which the heroine is shown a presentation about European eligible bachelors and another scene in which the Pope sees a PowerPoint talk about the Apocalypse in the new version of The Omen. Wow! What if those two cinematic PowerPoints were reversed? I mention this because I watched Little Miss Sunshine on the plane to Australia, in which the character -- a would-be motivational speaker -- is so debased that that he doesn't even have real PowerPoint, and he is reduced to showing his "9 Points" on an overhead projector.

Plane travel also reminds me that some coverage on Virtualpolitik of the graduate student who created a fake boarding pass generator to point out a gaping hole in airport security and consequently got in trouble with the FBI is very much in order. Now that there are so many websites that offer pre-packaged generator programs, many of which are catalogued at the Generator Blog, it is interesting to see a hacker employ the generator genre. According to The
Washington Post, he has now broken his silence with the media.

This Sky Maul catalogue is also worth checking out.

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