Monday, March 26, 2007

Homework Assignment

The Special Interest Group on Social Media of the Conference on College Composition and Communication has asked its members to begin to compile bibliographies. Here is a start on compiling some useful Internet citations, which I will add to in the weeks and months ahead.


"Form Follows the Function of the Little Magazine," John Holbo
"Amateur Hour," Nicholas Lemann
"Why We Blog," Bonnie Nardi
"Blogging As Social Action: A Genre Analysis of the Weblog," Carolyn R. Miller and Dawn Shepherd
"Why I Blog," Reconstruction
"Parody Blogging and the Call of the Real," Patricia Roberts-Miller
"Bloggers Need Not Apply," Ivan Tribble


"The Turing Game: Exploring Identity in an Online Environment," Joshua Berman and Amy Bruckman
"A Rape in Cyberspace," Julian Dibbell
"Race In/For Cyberspace," Lisa Nakamura
"The Egalitarianism Narrative: Whose Story? Which Yardstick?" Susan Romano


"Where Everybody Knows Your (Screen) Name: Online Games as Third Places," Constance Steinkuehler and Dmitri Williams
"101 Uses for Second Life in the College Classroom," Megan S. Conklin


"Why Youth (Heart) Social Networking Sites: The Role of Networked Publics in Teenage Social Life," Danah Boyd
"Thoughts on Facebook," Tracy Mitrano
"Social Networking and DOPA," Young Adult Library Services Association

WEB 2.0

"From YouTube to YouNiversity," Henry Jenkins
"Social Media and the Networked Public Sphere," Ulises Ali Mejias
"Me, 'Person of the Year?' No Thanks," Siva Vaidhyanathan
"Web 2.0 The Machine is Us/ing Us," Michael Wesch


"A Wikipedia for Scholars (Take 2)" Wired Campus of the Chronicle for Higher Education
"Digital Maoism: the Hazards of the New Online Collectivism," Jaron Lanier
"Can History Be Open Source? History and the Future of the Past," Roy Rozenweig


"YouTube and the Vaudeville Aesthetic," Henry Jenkins
"Taking the You Out of YouTube," Henry Jenkins

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Anonymous Mark Marino said...

Hi, Liz,

Regarding blogs, I'd recommend this entire collection of
Why I Blog
entries. Actually, this entire issue of _Reconstruction_ (6.4, 2006) might prove useful.

12:38 AM  

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