Thursday, August 09, 2007

Double Date

Once finished with the conference part of the conference, I spent some quality time with both my real and virtual significant other, digital designer and themed environment creator Mel Horan. Above you can see Mel preparing to receive absolution from the Automatic Confession Machine. Given the controversy over pedophile priests in the church, perhaps automating the task would be one way to solve the Vatican's labor problem. The device's divine creator, Gregory P. Garvey of Quinnipiac University gave an interesting talk about "third spaces" in virtual environments at the collocated Sandbox Symposium, where I also spoke over the weekend.

Below, you can see me play pilot and/or race car driver where I'm in a virtual transparent cockpit like the one in Wonder Woman's plane that allows me to see through the exterior of a more mundane urban vehicle like a car or helicopter. This technology, based on head mounted displays, comes from Japan at the Tachi Laboratory.

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