Friday, November 16, 2007

Choosing Sides

Several months ago I said, "I want a digital rights candidate," but I still don't know which candidate I would support in the upcoming primary. I've certainly been watching the debates and listening closely for mentions of the Internet, technology, or computer-mediated practices and communities, but even when I do decide, as a public employee, I probably won't post it here.

I may still be on the fence, but Lawrence Lessig has endorsed Barack Obama. Although he acknowledges favorable opinions of Edwards' stands on technology and privacy, much of Lessig's posting is a critique of Hillary Clinton, specifically on the issue of making the debates available electronically without any copyright restrictions, so that citizens can access them for purposes of criticism, commentary, education, and political satire without any anxieties (even those these are all already protected categories with varying amounts of case law behind them). Lessig also slams Clinton in connection with his new venture, battling corruption around the world, since he argues that her positions on lobbyists are "spineless." In visiting Senator Clinton's website, I was struck by the prominent display of both branded products and links to social networking and photo-sharing sites.

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