Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Last Bastions

Last year I had a lot to complain about when I opened the glossy guide to faculty and courses that is provided to the households of alumni of Harvard University who were Visual and Environmental Studies majors: the digital arts were not at all represented, and the exclusive fetishization of the hand-drawn and hand-made was made explicit in the course offerings and the faculty hiring decisions. This year, I have a little less to gripe about, since Amie Siegel seems to be teaching some interesting courses about that at least suggest an awareness of the context of distributed electronic media from which any viewer would come. And my pal Miles Coolidge is there who made some staged photos for sharing in the pre-Facebook era. But why are there still no game designers, computer animators, or modelers of computationally rendered 3D spaces in this slim, tasteful volume?

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