Monday, December 17, 2007

Not in My Back Yard

Driving to Irvine on the 405 freeway near the 73 interchange I frequently see blinking on an official-looking road sign of the kind usually used for construction notifications, traffic warnings, and alerts about abducted children. I had always assumed that the website advertised was some kind of carpool matching service or a list of tips for how to reduce congestion by telecommuting or not driving at peak hours. Imagine my surprise to discover that the website actually linked to lobbying efforts for the 241 South freeway extension at against organizations like the Sierra Club and the Surfrider Foundation, which are opposed to expanding freeway construction because of possible environmental impacts. The surfer constituency is directly addressed in videos on the site like "The Truth about Trestles."

In contrast to these Orange County roadside message boards, the leaflets that I often see walking around my neighborhood for seem to represent a much more transparent political agenda. Although the treesavers blog has somewhat redundant content, its advocacy clearly aims to preserve a large area planted with ficus trees, by literally "tree hugging" if necessary.

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Blogger trillwing said...

Why would people be in love with ficus trees? I grew up on a street that alternated ficus with palms. While they may create a street canopy if well cared for, ficus canopies also can eat streetlights, other trees (especially palms), and even buildings if not properly cared for by a city. In addition, their roots wreak havoc on sidewalks and underground infrastructure.

With all the rhetoric about native, noninvasive species making the environmental rounds these days, I'm surprised ficus remain popular.

11:37 PM  
Anonymous TCA watcher - and toll road truths said...

I probably don't have to watch a TCA on-line video to know its skewed content regarding Trestles surf beach - how their toll road (don't confuse with 'freeway') would in fact make everything about San Onofre State Beach Park, Cal's 5th most popular SP - better?, by paving over 60% it?, by destroying SoCal's last consistenly heatlthy coastal waters?, by polluting San Mateo Creek?, - Trestles and San Onofre's perfectly-natural mentor?

OC's political powers describe San Onofre State Beach Park, recognized
globally as our Yosemite of Surfing
as, "Nothing but dirt and weeds."

OC's political cynicism towards
open-space in general, fueled by
TCA's lust to pave corrupt toll roads, knows no shame.

That OC toll roads hinder overall OC-traffic, not help it, is a traffic irony paved deep into OC's developmental history.

OC toll roads, as public service venues is myth and spin perpetuated by TCA's private interest greed.

TCA's allegiance goes to its Bond Holders, not the public good.

But they even failed at that.
Check out TCA"s bond-rating = JUNK.

Whatever TCA's selling, via electronic highway signs,
on-line video, mailers, TV debates,
or newspaper ads - is pure bunk.

If it's from TCA, figure you're being lied too. You won't be wrong.
And you won't be fooled...again.

For serious OC toll road info,
go to

That's if you want the truth about
OC tolls roads, and why after 51-miles of paving OC toll roads,
our traffic is so much worse?

Hmmm, maybe paving private-highways aren't the answer to the overall Public Good.

Wake up OC. TCA toll roads have OC
traffic hobbled and hog-tied.

Their solution: pave more toll roads.

7:11 AM  

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