Friday, December 14, 2007

Playing God and Playing Doctor

GodTube, the Liberty University sponsored website, heavily promotes the campus of the famed late conservative evangelist Reverend Jerry Falwell. Not all of the video content proselytizes, however. Much of the footage also presents gag reels showing send-ups of undergraduate life, with a strong hip-to-be-Christian message.

A variant of the YouTube brand name is also being used by PornoTube, which has vaulted into the top-twenty rankings by offering short, attention-deficit but rich in money shot clips from lucrative pay porn sites under the guise of promotional teaser fare. The big porn sites complain about lax copyright enforcement and the inaction of the otherwise zealous MPAA, which doesn't seem interested in taking the side of the morally challenged adult film industry to protect their pro-family public relations interests. Now Vivid Entertainment is suing PornoTube for copyright infringement.

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