Thursday, January 10, 2008

Enter the Dragging

Kung Fu Election is an online political game based on martial arts-style one-player or two-player fighting videogames. The joke of the game relies on orientalist humor in which presidential candidates appear as sumo wrestlers (Richardson), dragon ladies (Clinton), Fu Manchu villains (Giuliani), or humble coolie hat-wearing peasants (Huckabee). An introductory song depicts a young, disaffected, Gen-Y voter who croons "I just wanna fight Ku Fu, baby" rather than be "bored" and watch the news to choose a candidate.

Despite lots of cartoonish blood and decapitation, the problem with the game is that the weapons and abilities of the political candidates aren't depicted with much wit or originality. The similarly themed Bible Fight may be more fun to play and also more likely to raise a genuine chuckle.

(Thanks to Marc Van Gurp for the link.)

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