Friday, March 14, 2008

Treasure Trove

I always know that every time that I do a search for PowerPoint files that are stored on the White House website, I know that I will find something good. Today I discovered a PowerPoint presentation promoting, a site that supposedly allows citizens to see programs that are performing well and those that are underperforming. Of course, the White House is known for having totally ridiculous metrics that represent quantitative information, such as the Executive Branch Management Scorecard. At least one of the departments in the defense sector gets a thorough tongue lashing for lacking "quantifiable outputs and outcomes to allow monitoring of the program and how well it serves the warfighter." In general, however, failing departments seem to be affiliated with health or education programs. Since I am interested in social marketing efforts, this negative assessment of the Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign was also a notable item. Many of the "successful" programs are indicated with a "competitive" designation in parentheses, which seems to indicate that they are also frequently so-called "faith-based initiatives." Apparently Anti-Terrorism Assistance is also an excellent performer.

What's strange is that this website doesn't provide budget figures, numbers of clients served, and all the standard measures of performance that I remember being critical for purposes of review. Check out how the White House slams the EPA with very few specifics here.

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