Friday, June 27, 2008

Best Web Generator Ever

Okay, Tell Zell: Go Down in Flames, Hack!* may be the most wonderful online form that I have ever encountered, since it combines two of my favorite obsessions: 1) web generators and 2) the stupidity of the managers of The Los Angeles Times. From, "Ink-Stained [W]Retch," it provides an electronic form letter for writers wishing to resign from the Times in rhetorical style. (Click to enlarge.) I particularly like that the subject line reads "You Mean Twisted Leprechaun" in the resulting e-mail document that is addressed to the current head of the newspaper, who is known for his four-letter vocabulary and contempt for public service journalism.

Thanks to the little bird who sent out the link, who may -- or may not -- still be working for The Los Angeles Times.

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