Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Minor League Voting

Although television coverage has been focused on the primaries in Montana and South Dakota today, there was a state-wide election in California, which may end up being remembered for historically low voter turnouts. Because of the lack of mainstream media attention, many have turned to the Internet for coverage of the candidates, initiatives, and races to avoid voting for the fanatics and white supremacists on the ballot.

Rhetorically bare-bones sites like Smart Voter from the League of Women Voters have been frequently disseminated on listservs and via e-mail today. Virtualpolitik friend and colleague Jenny Cool also points to the persuasive power of online digital video as a tool for knowledge-sharing in this so-called "small" election. She pointed out how videos like this one about the position of the Los Angeles District Attorney give challengers a voice that they would not otherwise have.

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