Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Emperor's Nude Clothes

Streaker videos on YouTube are so common that they are really their own genre. Generally shot during sports events, particularly soccer, sometimes they are composed of outtakes from news footage, and sometimes they are the product of grainy cell-phone cameras, but they are almost universally remarkably wholesome displays of the human body with their own conventions of modesty and distance. Other videos of nude figures on the web tend to take advantage of the intimacy of the medium, as can be seen in the Netporn Studies Reader, but streaker videos sanitize the form of exhibitionism that they display in a number of ways.

This YouTube video from the cheekily named "LoveyGirl88" uses the format of the fake news broadcast to spin an improbably tale of fated love. A related website,, carries the fiction further, but careful readers will notice that the entire multimedia apparatus is actually designed to promote an Australian clothing company called Rare Wear.

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