Saturday, August 09, 2008

Plane Truths and Plastic Ken Dolls

"Plane Truths" is the first of the webisodes about Senator John Edwards shot by Rielle Hunter, who has now been linked to the former Democratic presidential candidate in an extramarital affair that seems to have derailed his political future, given the public popularity of his wife.

The intimacy of the pseudo-confessional style of these online videos in which Edwards talks about how Hunter's team is "filming all the time" is certainly not without irony. The website of Midline Groove, which once produced the videos, is currently dead, but their credit screen shows a crudely Photoshopped face of Edwards grafted onto a Ken doll.

Other webisodes in the rhetorically fascinated series that is often set to loud country music include "The Golden Rule," "Plight of Uganda," and "Plugs." The last of these indicates the candidate's concern with the blogosphere, traffic to his website, and the viewership of the Daily Show.

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