Monday, November 10, 2008

Can the Internet Ever Really Let Go of Sarah Palin?

No, no, we can never get enough of the expensively attired, environmentally unfriendly, geographically naive politician who gave us so much Internet fun. It's like being unable to stop making prank phone calls to the particularly clueless person on the other end of the line, a role that Palin has also played, based on the sound clips from a Canadian radio station now posted on the Internet.

It's true, as Ian Bogost points out that 2008 was a bust when it came to substantive and thoughtful election games, but there were still plenty of silly online games with caricatures of Alaska governor and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, such as the Mario parody Super Obama World or AirMILF, the subversively fun helicopter wolf-shooting game, to keep us happy. When my class was reviewing the digital rhetoric of the election, one student couldn't stop playing the somewhat more sophisticated Campaign Game. And for the fan of casual puzzle-oriented games, there is always the eminently logical Joe the Plumber: Laying Pipe.

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