Wednesday, December 24, 2008

EL Phone Home

For many years I have shot photos of cell phone trees that are camouflaged to appear like actual trees in order to assuage the objections of civic beautification advocates or environmentalists. It's a way to read the urban jungle somewhat differently on my commuting corridors, and I like the I-Spy quality of the hunt.

This Christmas, following the lead of Zazzle-user Ian Bogost, who wrote a very interesting blog post about his experiences creating personally crafted consumer goods, "Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas: Fandom and Detritus," which extends his critique of Henry Jenkins and also offers an interesting meditation about the nature of a "license" that deserves to be included in the recent scholarly literature about copyright.

On the back of the calendar, there is an assemblage of Google Earth maps with the locations of each towering example of pseudo-vegetation marked. To track down your own favorite examples in your own neck of the woods, you can try Antenna Search with your location info.

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