Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ubiquitously Yours

Two videos about the humorous hyperbolic possibilities of ubiquitous computing technologies are getting attention this week.

Bonnie Lenore Kyburz observed that this "Twouble with Twitters" video had an overly predictably punchline, but it does have some fun with generational generalizations about demographics and technology and the genre of the banal Twitter post.

I already gave an "up" vote on "Funny or Die" to Facebook friend Ron Corcillo's offering about dashboard automotive service systems that run off computer networks, "Daryl from OnCar." This episode about OnStar running amok originates from Strike TV, an online venture started during the Writers Guild 2007 labor dispute, so that writers unhappy with studio deals on webisodes could share content and attempt to monetize short films, as the site's about page explains.

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