Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Doctor is In

In the wake of the murder of abortion provider George Tiller, I have been looking at the websites of the other late-term abortion providers and considering how these sites balance providing comfort to anxious patients and political advocacy. With their stock photos and patient testimonials, these sites present the public face of facilities that are often by necessity fortified bunkers to protect the security and privacy of patients and health care workers. For example, the website for the bluntly named Boulder Abortion Clinic addresses the issue of desired pregnancies that are terminated because of medical complications at "Medical Procedures" and "A Special Note about Fetal Anomaly"

Although many continue to publish in medical journals, other forms of print publication may be complicated by threats to those who create the physical artifact. As an article in the Los Angeles Times explains, Warren Hern, who runs the Boulder Clinic, now self-publishes his textbook Abortion Practice after his previous publisher halted production of this controversial book.

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