Monday, August 31, 2009

Return of SonicJihad

Yesterday I traveled to Utrecht to interview the Dutch gamer at the center of what I have called the "SonicJihad debacle," which opens the first chapter of the Virtualpolitik book. In addition to giving the creator of the Battlefield 2 fan film with the Team America soundtrack that was mistaken for a jihadist videogame by the House Intelligence Committee a copy of my book, I also gathered new material for a forthcoming essay in Error: Information, Control, and the Cultures of Noise, which will be out in 2010 from Continuum. Although SonicJihad no longer spends much time playing videogames, he has provided some more commentary on cultural misperceptions involving the MidEast/West divide and computational culture in the remix above. He has also included the following disclaimer to clarify its audience and purpose.

This video is NOT intended as a propaganda tool or a Jihadi recruiting video. This video is being exclusively published by me on the PlanetBattlfield site (I'll try to upload it on Youtube for the ones that can't download the big file). Anybody posting this video on other sites will take his or her own responsibility!

I repeat this is a Battlefield video for the community only.

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