Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's Put on a Conference!

A reminder that registration for DAC 2009 at UC Irvine will soon be open. From December 12 to December 15, this international conference, which is organized this year by Simon Penny, will offer a presentations on the following themes: Embodiment and performativity, After mobile media, Software/ platform studies, Environment/ sustainability/ climate change, Interdisciplinary pedagogy, Cognition and creativity, Sex and sexuality, A Space-Time of Ubiquity and Embeddedness, and The Present and Future of Humanist Inquiry in the Digital Field. When I attended DAC in 2005 in Copenhagen, I met many of those who now are associated with emerging discipline of software studies. This year I will be part of the Interdisciplinary Pedagogy track. Stay tuned for my ten pedagogical trends in digital instruction and my argument about how Southern California serves as a site of regional advantace in hybridizing of learning and resisting the distance learning courseware-driven paradigm of atomization, efficiency, and modularity that stifles real learning.

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