Sunday, October 25, 2009

Retreat or Retweet

I tend not to produce the kinds of witty aphorisms or breaking news on Twitter that merits re-tweeting, so it was with some surprise that the LA Dodgers Twitter feed re-tweeted my morose observation that local baseball fans wouldn't have the opportunity to turn over cop cars or be bailed out of jail for the indiscretions of overly exuberant victory celebrations. Then, like a game of telephone, as it picked up more at hashtags, "at" signifiers, and textspeak, the message became less and less recognizably my own. (Click to enlarge.)

My WPA-Listserv colleague Brian Solis has posted about "The Science of Retweets on Twitter." Maybe it was just the polysyllables or the word novelty that made it worth re-tweeting. Or maybe it was just an appealing time of day, the research suggests.

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