Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Putting DAC to Bed Until 2011

The international Digital Arts and Culture conference, DAC 2009, has wrapped up after a very full three days. As the program coordinator for the event, I ended up expanding my repertoire in digital rhetoric to include a number of productivity tools for scheduling, and speakers, talks, questions, slides, demos, performances, and audiences generally occurred where and when they were supposed to. At the postmortem closing plenary for the conference, attendees suggested that more could be done to improve diversity, encourage independent artists and scholars, and to lower costs by considering a THATCAMP model.

You can search this archive of tweets about the conference or check out the DAC blog, and we hope to be able to add more documentation soon. Thanks again to DAC Director Simon Penny for all his efforts and collaborative energy.

Those interested in hosting a future DAC can contact me, Simon, or members of the DAC executive committee.

(Thanks to Dana Solomon for the image!)



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