Friday, December 18, 2009

Rambo is on Facebook

Given that just last year, under the Bush administration, many online social network sites were forbidden to be used by members of the military, because policy makers were worried that more incriminating or operationally confidential information from the theater of war could be too easily leaked to the public or terrorist sympathizers, it is extraordinary to see the DoD Social Media Hub now prominently on display. Entries like "Social Networking and Foreign Policy" quotes officials saying things like "The very existence of social networks is a net good" and "The freedom of communication and the nature of it is a huge strategic asset for the United States." The screen shot above shows a poll being taken among service members about their preferred portals of choice, and a register of official sites includes popular Web 2.0 companies like Facebook and Flickr. There are, however, some seeming inconsistencies. Once banned MySpace continues not to have an official presence and still may be considered an "OPSEC Nightmare," although YouTube is back in the military's good graces and can be used to send a Holiday Video Message to the Troops.

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