Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Divine Guidance (and GPS)

According to "Obama Receives Religious Devotionals by Blackberry," the President of the United States uses ubiquitous computing technologies to receive snippets from Christian scriptures suggested by one of his spiritual advisors.

President Obama doesn't need to step foot in a church to find spiritual inspiration -- it comes directly to his BlackBerry.

Every day, the president receives "devotionals," or passages meant to bring one closer to God, from Joshua DuBois, the head of his Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

"Whether it's a passage of scripture or a piece out of a book that I think he might be interested in or a prayer, it's something to start his day off on the right note," DuBois told Fox News.

When he took office, Obama fought vehemently with his security staff to keep that BlackBerry, a highly-secure version of the standard store-bought phone and messaging device that has now become something of a spiritual lifeline.

The conservative Fox news service actually used this story largely to remind its audience that Obama has yet to choose a physical church for face-to-face religious observance and that this hesitance to join a congregation may be traced to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright scandal.

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