Sunday, January 01, 2006

Turning over a New Leaf

It's 2006! What your office needs is this Defense Intelligence Agency wall calendar, complete with declassified artwork of Soviet airpower, Cold War missile defense systems, and the naval marvels of the Communist world. You can also admire the paintings of the failed mission to capture Bin Laden, since those desert tones are sure to match any cubicle decor. This calendar is even better than last year's calendar from this top secret agency, buf if you want more declassified military art, the DIA site is full of richly illustrated offerings reminiscent of the production art from a James Bond movie.

The website of the Defense Intelligence Agency also includes an idiosyncratic wealth of Freedom of Information documents: photos of Mount Ararat, the handbook of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, a field guide to poisonous snakes of Europe and the Middle East, and materials from Soviet parapsychology research.

Best of all, they have a kid's page full of easy Flash games (with the exception of a version of the non-multitasking-compatible seventies game Simon)!

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