Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More Network Neus

Still more imaginative digital rhetoric has appeared to explain the network neutrality principle in the simplest possible language to consumers and legislators.

This week's offerings on BoingBoing includes a machinima video from This Spartan Life and a podcast of David Eisenberg reading a Dr. Seuss-style poem against potential ISP robber barons.

To me, the interesting question may be why everyone is assuming that network neutrality is such a complex issue that it requires primers on procedural literacy. See last week on this blog for more about the didactic project of net neutrality advocates.

Update: My personal favorite YouTube celebrity, Ask a Ninja, has come up with an episode on Net Neutrality as well! You can also see a dramatization at the Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom Report, which uses the D.I.Y. presentation techniques that are popular on YouTube.



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