Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Collective Belligerence

I've been finishing Henry Jenkins new book, Convergence Culture, this week and consequently I've been looking for examples to apply thesis that online communities generate "collective intelligence" through communal detective work, such as the group labor done by the fans who "spoil" Survivor.

Unfortunately, as even Jenkins himself acknowledges, these online communities don't always generate collective intelligence; sometimes they generate collective stupidity, as they did in their response to an editorial by victim of gun violence Jenny Price. Price wrote about how her brother and his fiancée were murdered by an incensed family member and how she drew upon her personal experiences to write an essay in favor of banning guns. In the months that followed her emergence as a published, public figure, Price discovered that pro-gun bloggers were speculating that either the murder she described was justified or the crime had never happened at all.

Her Sunday Los Angeles Times editorial "And These People Own Guns?" describes the mysogyny and aggression of these online communities and how their skepticism turned to wild speculation and obsession with the harrassing release of personal information and misinformation about the author and her family.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please view these two videos and check out the website that follows. Even if you do not agree with all of it, we all need to have a better grasp of what truly happened on 9/11/01 in the US, 3/11/04 in Spain, and 7/7/05 in the UK. We are looming closer and closer to being pulled into an even more disastrous war in the Middle East. Another terrorist attack in which the government is involved could easily be framed in such a way that rallies the people around a new war. However, the government could be deterred from faciliting a terrorist attack or could fail in their attempt to rally the people, if enough people at least suspect government involvement in recent terrorist acts. So please share this with others if you feel compelled, as I do.

documentary on 9/11

documentary on western government terror


Please remember this core fact in all of the debate over the events of 911. The total disintegration of the twin towers into dust and rubble within seconds is a mark of a controlled demolition, not a building pancaking.

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