Sunday, October 22, 2006

Echo Chamber

Today The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times carried Virtualpolitik stories from the week in prominent areas headlining sections. The NYT spotlighted "A Student’s Video Résumé Gets Attention (Some of It Unwanted)" about Yale senior Aleksey Vaynor and his unintentionally viral job application video. The LAT featured a story about the Boy Scout copyright merit patches at "A Merit Badge That Can't Be Duplicated."

To think, I used to read the papers to get ideas for Virtualpolitik stories, but now that the print media is so dependent on the blogosphere, it's a wonder that I don't follow the pattern of many in my generation and switch to online only. Perhaps with media conglomeration, shrinking staffs, and the closing of remote bureaus both abroad and at home, distance journalism is becoming the norm.



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