Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Plug and Play

Since government intelligence consultants made such a PR gaffe by identifying a Battlefield 2 fan film with a parody soundtrack as a "terrorist videogame," the hunt has been on for the genuine article.

Now anti-digital warhawk conservatives can point to the "Night of Bush Capturing," first publicized by the SITE Institute that inverts rhetoric about capturing and killing Usama Bin Laden. Gameology reports that "Quest for Bush" appears to be a knock-off based on "Quest for Saddam." For those who are interested, a video from Memri TV gives a better sense of the continuity of play.

Of course, there are plenty of Bush games produced domestically here in the U.S., including this game with action heroes, devils, bats, and the giant and grotesque versions of the President's parents copulating.

Shi'ite Muslims can enjoy another anti-U.S. game, which the New York Times has described in "Iranian Video Game Offers Chance to Blow Up U.S. Tanker." At least the article points out that there is already at least one U.S. game about attacking Iran, which is made by Kuma\War games, so we can't say they started the virtual warfare.



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