Thursday, July 12, 2007

Like Taking Gandhi from a Baby

Congrats to long-time Virtualpolitik pals Alec Boehm and Stephanie Argy of Mental Slapstick who will be having their short film "Gandhi at the Bat" screened at this week's Bollywood and Beyond festival in Stuttgart as part of a line-up of films that represent the great advocate for Indian independence through nonviolent political action. Argy and Boehm cleverly use digital effects to insert an actor playing Gandhi into classic baseball footage from the golden era of the New York Yankees (my favorite team after my beloved Dodgers). It's an interesting example of remix culture, adapted from a story in The New Yorker, and thankfully they haven't faced the copyright restrictions that currently dog those who want to use video from the major leagues for mash-up creations.

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Blogger bob c said...

great visual showing that intense competition need not be violent. Also shows we can't believe all we see and hear so critical thought must come from inside an honest and neutral place.

5:08 AM  

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