Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Raise Your Hand if You Trust the Suits

The big media story today has to be the controversial FCC ruling that will put into motion a fundamental repeal of longstanding prohibitions against cross-media ownership of newspapers and television stations in the same media market. Indeed, the Federal Communications Commission has reversed decades of policy-making in today's 3-2 decision favored by the Bush administration. Then again, I don't know how good their judgment would have to have been to begin with, given that the FCC has the ugliest website of any U.S. federal agency (see above). What about the fact that they are supposed to be mass communications experts?

Certainly groups opposed to media conglomeration, such as freepress.net, are unhappy with today's decision. An allied group, StopBigMedia.com, is asking members of the public to donate their photos to a wall of protest. Yours truly has already posted her picture in order to fit in with the virtual crowd. For more on what's wrong with the FCC from a Virtualpolitik perspective, go here and here.

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