Saturday, June 28, 2008

Extra! Extra! State of California Tells Teens to Dispense with Heavy and Boring Books

Librarians! Look away!

Or listen in horror as the teen burdened with a lot of embarrassing and socially awkward books makes the following exclamation about a video displayed on a handheld device: "Oh man, that's cool! Looks like a videogame!" His blond female friend who thinks that he has been wasting his time at the library also persuades him not to worry about books written by "experts" and discounts his skepticism about how things online could not be "real."

This video, designed to promote the California Department of Motor Vehicle's YouTube channel, has a number of lessons that I suspect the state's Department of Education would rather not have young people learn.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder why he had all of those books from the library in the first place.

The DMV offers a compact book with all the laws necessary to know to pass the permit exam and driving test. Though seems to me that one should probably practice driving to prepare for the driving test not watch videos.

Strange that they neglected to mention what they already offer in lieu of promoting the YouTube channel.

Oh, and that whole thing about having lots of books is maybe the best known stereotype of the uncool kids in high school coming-of-age stories...Nothing new. Just working on appealing to the "typical" teen. Like...Whatever. Totally.

9:51 PM  

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