Sunday, July 06, 2008

My First Hypertext Primer

One of the charges leveled against e-literature is that too often it is divorced from the rhetorical, pedagogical, or social issues that make other kinds of literature relevant to those outside of a small coterie of academics and artists. Recently, however, bloggers have been drawing attention to examples of how these forms of computer-mediated expression could be used in the classroom and among friends. Deena Larsen's Fundamentals: Rhetorical Devices for Electronic Literature uses the ephemera of traditional education as metaphors with which to explore this relatively recent canon. Designed for high school or college learners, it includes a "hornbook," a "coloring book," a "reader," and a "prompter."

Over at WRT: Writer Response Theory, Virtualpolitik pal Mark Marino is assembling a bibliography of works of electronic literature that use social media applications. Elit 2.0 (a guide to literary works on social software) is missing Ian Bogost's Wandering Rocks on Twitter but is otherwise a good summary of works.

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