Friday, September 05, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

As the London Times points out, this McCain's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention was an "anti-speech" in which the backdrop, which turned a "bilious green" was a distraction from his words of professed patriotism. An ABC blog entry "McCain Green Screen - By Design or Accident?" points out the odd insertion of the apparatus of computer-generated visual effects, the green screen or blue screen in McCain's appearance, is ironic, given the McCain Green Screen Challenge on the Colbert Report earlier this year, in which viewers were encouraged to remix the content using McCain's digital footage. (Many of the results are posted on YouTube.)

As if that weren't enough, apparently McCain's staffers really love the Google search engine. Not only was it used to vet the party's pick for Vice President, the Los Angeles Times notes in "McCain and that North Hollywood middle school," it seems to have been used to find an image of Walter Reed Hospital for the backdrop, although the building depicted is actually Walter Reed Middle School.

Update: Tama Leaver has posted some humorous variations that are based on the thought experiment of McCain borrowing the presentation styles of others. At "Presidential Presentation Zen," there is both an MBA PowerPoint and an Apple Keynote version.

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