Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"O" Hiram

The faces of black politician Hiram Rhodes, a young blonde, and a caste of other would-be new archetypes dominate the new masthead of GOP.com. The online video about "trillions in new spending" presents a motion graphics After Effects dazzling display of dynamic type to announce their newfound production wizardry. Given the rhetorical success of the Obama tax calculator during the 2008 campaign, the film also can't get enough of showing calculators. Banished are the old links to talk radio and the old appeals to their base.

Of course, I always look at the "Terms and Conditions" page of any political website to see how the social contract is explained to users. Imagine my amusement at seeing a link to a 404 message in the section that addresses their cookies policy and the fact that they refer users to information from Netscape Navigator rather than Firefox. Furthermore, follow the category for "women" on the site and get a notice that "there are no entries to show. Please try again or use another group order."

Thanks to Siva Vaidhyanathan, whose face seems to be nowhere on this page, for the pointer to the link.

Update: The site has since been panned on The Daily Show, but this Photoshop send-up is my favorite.

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