Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ice Queen

I fear that this blog is in danger of becoming nothing but a record of the latest Internet ephemera related to the candidacy of Vice Presidential contender Sarah Palin, since I've already written about Palin-related e-mails, Palin Photoshop forgeries, Palin Facebook posters, regrettable audioclips from Palin flunkies, and phony Palin blogs.

But Dennis McCauley's Game Politics points out that there is already a Sarah Palin videogame, which was noted by the blog a mere three days after they observed that she had her own action figure appear. For the better part of an hour I played Polar Palin, a game in which I assumed the role of an adorable dynamite-toting polar bear who must blow up oil drilling rigs on the ice floes while avoiding murderous tanks driven by Palin clones

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